Data Analytics

Data has always been something I enjoy! Specifically, I love applied data analytics for the improvement of society. I am well-versed in translating data into strategic projects and plans-of-action.  I also independently wrote two master's thesis, one for my M.A. in Communication & Journalism (view the thesis and survey here) and the other for my M.A. in Sociology and Statistics (view here).

Data Analytics in Master's Courses

Through school & work, I gained advanced skills in SPSS, Excel, and Stata. Of my own accord, I learned SAS and R. Through the MIT program at Virginia Tech, I gained skills in Python, Java, and SQL, among other coding languages (e.g., HTML, XML). Below are the specific data analysis courses I've successfully completed: 

Graduate Statistics Courses:

Furthermore, I just completed a third master's in Information Technology (ranked #3 nationwide during my time in it), with graduate certificates in both Big Data and in Business Data Analytics. I've gained skills in Python, Java, HTML, XML, Javascript, SQL, JMP, Microsoft Access, PowerBI, and Tableau. I've completed the following courses:

-Project to showcase driver classes and a variety of methods utilizing objects

-Computer Science 5044 Project to showcase skills in designing a Dots and Boxes game (two-player), utilizing Java and then JUnit to test the code

-Computer Science 5664 Project to showcase results of python tweet analyses

-Electrical & Computer Engineering 5480 (Cybersecurity) Project to showcase utilization of Python