"Laura shows adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to be autonomous. She is a true team player, always looking for ways to support those around her. Laura contributes to meeting tight deadlines and communicating effectively with team members. Laura is a quick learner! She asks great questions and takes the time to learn what's needed to do a task efficiently and effectively."  -My supervisor at HubSpot

"Laura is an absolutely wonderful team member- proactive, thorough, and positive, she lightens the workload because you know she will always do the job well. Laura is known for her great communication skills and positive attitude- she's a true team player, always willing to pitch in. Anyone would be lucky to hire Laura!"     -My colleague at Virginia Tech

"Laura’s performance during the M.A. program was exemplary, she completed the required coursework in Sociology but also completed a minor in Statistics as her career interests center around data analysis and research. Laura taught herself how to use Stata, and conducted advanced data cleaning, analysis in the form of logistic regression, and robustness and other statistical checks. In her other classes she has learned both SAS and R. Laura is a quick study and a diligent student: she is meticulous and self-motivated and was constantly incorporating feedback as she improves her data analysis and research skills. Laura is intelligent but that does not mean she settles for good enough, she is eager and able to learn quickly and incorporate feedback in her research."     -Professor at the University of Wyoming and my thesis chair

"Laura began working for my Subway in Laramie Wyoming in 2004 and worked on and off while attending college through 2018. She was by far the best employee we have ever had. She easily communicates and works well with everyone. She genuinely cares about helping people and takes pride in doing an exceptional job."     -Owner of Subway Restaurants 

"Laura is an outstanding individual. She is dedicated to excellence in all phases of her life and work. I was her direct supervisor in Congressman Cynthia M. Lummis' US House of Representatives Congressional Office. Laura has a first rate intelligence and is a consummate team player and professional. I was a Strategic Air Command Wing Commander, Director of two state agencies for two Governors of Wyoming and finally Chief of Staff for Representative Lummis. Laura is singularly one of the finest individuals I worked with over a span of fifty years."     -Chief-of-Staff and my supervisor